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Digital Services

Our digital agency offers loads of digital services backed up with tons of experience.

We also set up and monitor analytics, manage email marketing campaigns and produce content, like blogs and web copy, for our clients. Because we have been in the business for sevral years we have built up a digital network of reccomended web designers who we have introduced clients to in to past for web design.

Our services will fit together to further develop your current marketing strategy. We believe that the best marketing strategy is a digital marketing strategy that supports or is supported by an overall marketing strategy. If you have not sussed out your current marketing plan we offer traditional marketing strategy services that look at how you can develop both your online and offline presence.


What makes us a great wee digital agency?

Our digital agency work mdirectly with our cleints. We do not outsource any of the services we offer in house unlike other companies that like to pose as a digital agency.

Over the years we have built up a reputation for our customer centric approach. At GMS everything we do is for our clients.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is slowly on the rise. With many companies squeezed for marketing budgets email marketing is an affordable methood that if done rightly can be very rewarding. As an email marketing company based in Newton Mearns we manage dozens of email marketing campaigns and always demonstrate a positive return on investment. Our experise in creating content on a daily basis means we know the best approach to ensuring that your email campaign is an

Email Marketing as Part of an Overall Strategy

We would rarely suggest to a company to take up email marketing as their main marketing efforts. Email should be integrated within the overall marketing strategy. We never buy or sell emails – its tacky, annoying and drives down the worth of a campaign. We instead use this tool as a complimentary method of communication that helps our customers keep in touch with their customers.

Getting new customers is easy but getting old customers is a walk in the park….

Using an emailing campaign to remind your customerss that you are still out there and still awesome is a big yes. In the past previous partners have been astonished at how successful a remarketing campaign can be. Unless you have a lot of cash to blow on creating a blue chip brand, chances are some of your customers will forget you (not your loyal client base obviously). This isn’t because they dislike your brand or don’t want to buy from you, it is they simply live busy lives. A little nudge via email marketing is sometimes all it takes to convert those one-time customers into long-term buyers.

Why use us as your email marketing company?

We are a company that focuses on email marketing that in unique and not just spam that finds its way into the junk box. We target the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


Analytical Services

We love number crunching at GMS. There is a calm in numbers. Numbers are the truth behind your campaign. We like a analyse our clients data regularly to check the success of a campaign. Based on this data we can improve on great campaigns and fix any problems with OK campaigns.

We always go by the marketing ethos that if you cannot prove your worth, you don’t have any.

Digital Analytics

The digital analytics software we use is Google Analytics. This software places invisible tracking codes the pick up data on how customers interact with your site. This allows us to measure site views, customer data, on site conversions and loads more.

Search Analytics

We like to take SEO projects on board for the long term. Any SEO success story is most likely the result of a long developed and evolving strategy – our method of analysing data ensures this process is implemented and the results are achieved.


Digital Content Marketing Agency

As the main digital content marketing agency in Newton Mearns we pride ourself in creating unique and engaging pieces of content. Our copy writing services allow us to create unique and engaging pieces of copy that truly stand out. Every website, advert and magazine needs copy – the copy we write brings a campaign to life. We have written up copy for loads of websites and love it!

Blog Content

We write engaging blogs for our clients, for ourselves and for fun! Blogging is a great way to engage with an audience and ties in neatly with any overall social media campaign. Blogging is also a great strategy to ensure that your website is routinely updated with fresh content – an important factor in internet marketing and SEO.

SEO Content

Our digital content comes optimized for search engines! Yes all of our all of our content is search engine friendly, courtesy of out in-house SEO team. Having search engine friendly content allows you to generate alot more traffic via search engines that your average site. SEO friendly content from your favourite content marketing agency.

Web Content

We write content for websites. We focus on content that it easy to read and highly relevant. Trust us, this is the best method! This is because when people go to the web to look for information about you or your company they want information in a specific way unique to the web.